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Why do I Need A Life/Health Coach?

Permanent weight loss is a side effect of a transformed lifestyle

If you found this website because you have a goal or desire to lose weight, let me suggest that the real goal is the lifestyle that losing weight provides. Weight Loss is the vehicle that allows you to achieve your transformation goal.
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What we’re really talking about a goal or desire to change your life by changing your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight without changing the habits and the attitude that you have about food and weight, you can lose the weight all right, but it won’t be permanent.
What we are all about is looking at the entire lifestyle, not just the food you eat and the exercise you get, but the mental and emotional and financial changes to go along with it. It’s easy to find pictures of people who have made dramatic changes in their bodies. But pictures rob you of the benefit of listening to the story behind the picture.
We’re going to give you some of those stories, but we’re also going to show you, and help you make the changes in the rest of your life that make a weight-loss regimen successful over the long haul. Our goal is for your lifestyle changes to become permanent.
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We’re going to introduce you to a whole community of people who have the same mission as you do. We will meet together to give each of us an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the lifestyle changes we adopt into our own life.

We will introduce you to people through their books or videos who will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals whether they be weight loss or other goals. And we will help you understand what points of motivation might be critical in your life and in your situation and to help you achieve your unique personal goals and desires.

We will invite you to join with us and on local activities and national events and international travel if any of those things are in your goals and desires.

Join with us and let’s change lives!

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