The way you interact with food says a lot about who you are.

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To let food control you and the activities of your life is one indication of how much control you have over the rest of your life.

In your parents day, you had to wait for fruits and vegetables to come into season in order to consume them. With the global economy we have today there are fruits and vegetables available almost year round because they’re grown all over the world. (Having them available doesn’t automatically mean you eat them in an optimum way at the optimum time.) We’re going to talk about that.

Personal development in the area of food preparation and food consumption can make a big difference in weight management, gut health, and energy. You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of food, easy variations for any meal and how to reduce preparation time.

You might know a lot more about some areas of food than I do. The value I will bring is to show you a combination of ways we know that will make a difference in your overall health.

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Lifestyle Changes To Accompany Weight Loss

By Roy Brown | Dec 30, 2017

I tried several times to lose weight and there were times when the weight came off. It didn’t take very long for weight to come back on. When I think back on those efforts and I’m honest with myself, I must admit I didn’t really try very hard.

If you’re like me and I bet most of you are, you have thought about or pretended or maybe even put some effort into a weight-loss program, and if you’re like me your efforts probably ended in frustration. If on the other hand, there was a time when you did see success, you also must admit the effort that you put into it was different.

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By Roy Brown | Oct 30, 2017

I learned a lesson as a teenager early in my dating experiences. I figured out that girls responded way more positively when I approached a date with a good attitude, enthusiasm, and energy. In order to overcome whatever was going on in my world, I discovered that upbeat music could completely change my mood, energy, and attitude. I blew out several sets of speakers in that old GTO to prove my point.

I still use that tool today but I’ve added some variety to my arsenal and that is, when my attitude begins to slip, a motivational speaker can make all the difference in the way I view my world. My attitude, my energy, my enthusiasm, can all be improved by a good conversation.

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By Roy Brown | Oct 30, 2017

Simply put, a mindset is a group of attitudes. You might have a positive attitude about your home life, the car you drive, the place you work, your spouse or your kids. The group of all those attitudes is called your mindset.

For most of us, all of our attitudes are not positive. We might love our body but hate our hair. We might love the relationship with our spouse but feel challenged with a relationship with our kids. We can feel good about our job, and but have difficulty working with a coworker.



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